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Currently, it is difficult to imagine that there was a time when I treated dogs are very wary and could not even imagine that one day in my house will reign no one, not even two bulldogs that they will take a huge part of my heart and come into my life firmly and thoroughly.
incredible effort it took my husband persuaded me to purchase our first dog, thanks to which I realized that I could no longer live without the plush folds and sweetly sniff short bulldog nose.
Golden of Geisha came to my house and in my heart for ever to settle in them a love for bulldogs. It is the name of a Geisha we took during registration nursery in FCI.
On the site you will be able to meet with both the dog kennel, and alumni that delight their owners not only in Russia, but also in countries near and far abroad.
We hope that the visit of resources will make you good feelings, and perhaps a desire to bring into your home is a plush marvel - English bulldog puppy.
In turn, the owner of the kennel is open to dialogue and gladly answer any questions you may have.
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